The Full Life Ahead Foundation

About Camp - Full Life Ahead 

The Full Life Ahead Foundation enjoys hosting individuals with disAbilities, and their families, three times per year, at our Family Weekends – fondly known as “Camp”. These weekends on Lake Martin are a special mix of fun, learning, and sharing. Each weekend includes encouragement, networking with other families, and incredible assistance from some of the greatest volunteers and speakers on the planet! To maximize time during the weekend we have one agenda for the teens (or still in high school), one for the young adults (those who have finished school) and separate session for the parents. All three groups follow the same common theme (each is different) but with different activities and approaches.

Each camp is one filled with memories, newfound friendships, and profound knowledge on any given range of topics. Typically offered in February, June and November, this Family Weekend will be one of empowerment, family fun, and community support. It WILL be a weekend that forever changes your life in the most beneficial ways. In addition to the incredibly fun & entertaining things we do throughout the weekend, one of the most beneficial happenings will be the 1:1 meetings families will have with the speakers. During these private sessions, each family is given specific information in regards to their mission/goals, as well as next steps and arrangements for future meetings and/or follow-ups.

Volunteers join us from all over the Southeast to partner as Buddies with our campers and families. Our volunteers have a heart & deep-seeded passion for what they do and bring our Family Weekends to the next level. Many of our volunteers volunteer one time during college and continue to do so long after they have graduated. As part of our Full Life Ahead Family, we couldn’t do what we do with these incredible individuals, donating their time and hearts for the weekend.

Are you interested in volunteering for a Family Weekend? We would love to hear from you! Please email