What does Resource Roundup actually do?

Our goal is to consolidate all the resources, events, organizations, and opportunities that are available to you. We believe that INFORMATION LEADS TO INSPIRATION WHICH CAUSES TRANSFORMATION.

How can Resource Roundup help my organization?

Our goal isn't just to help the people of our community, but also to help organizations, foundations and other various resources. We want to partner with you and  help you get your name out there. Some things we can do to help:
  • List any events you have coming up on our website.
  • Partner to help plan a fun event or expo.
  • Adding your organization and all the logistics so that all of Resource Roundup visitors can find you.
  • Plan an education or enrichment event that can help promote and achieve a better understanding and participation with your organization.

Who does Resource Roundup help?

Resource Roundup aims to help all special needs people of Alabama no matter the age or disability, regardless of how profound or slight their disability may be. We are a completely inclusive organization. We are not meant for one particular disability, we are meant for all!

Did you know...

Resource Roundup is really good at events... We are great at creating really fun upbeat events focusing on abilities not disabilities. Before you know it everyone leaves informed, empowered, and knowledgeable. Reach out to us if you want to plan an epic event that can showcase what you have to offer. No, you don't have to be an organization. You can be a parent, school or neighborhood who just wants to involve and educate their community.