A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a life-altering experience with long-term consequences. It may cause enduring physical, emotional, intellectual, and social changes for survivors and their families. It is not specific to anyone's socioeconomic, cultural, or ethnic class. It can happen to individuals of any gender and at any age.

ADRS is the state's lead agency for coordination of services for Alabamians with TBI. Through its comprehensive array of programs and partnerships, and its coordination with the Alabama Head and Spinal Injury Registry, ADRS services include information and referral, educational assistance, pre-vocational resources, employment assistance, extended support provision and more to meet the consumer’s individual and changing needs. Every effort is made to enhance current services for a higher quality of life.

For more information on traumatic brain injury, contact the State Head Injury Coordinator at 334-293-7116.