Shepherd Center

Rehabilitation is difficult, important work in the life of a person with a spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke. Talk with your doctor about the ideal route for your health and recovery. You must have a voice in your treatment, and that starts with choosing a facility with the best support and outcomes.


Comprehensive Continuum of Care

Your entire spectrum of needs—from evaluation to intensive care, medical treatment to rehabilitation, post-acute and outpatient therapy, and lifelong support programs—is met with expert, compassionate care.

Family Housing

We offer up to 30 days of housing to families of newly injured rehabilitation patients, if both the family and patient live more than 60 miles from the hospital.

Advanced Equipment and Treatment

Our knowledgeable therapists use the latest in therapeutic equipment and treatments to aid patients in their rehabilitation.

Breakthrough Research

We offer opportunities for patients to participate in advanced research conducted by Shepherd Center’s experts and therapists. These developments drive innovation in the field, while helping maximize patient recovery.

Peer Support Groups

Strong, supportive peer groups and staff offer on-site support as patients adapt and thrive in their new lives after discharge.

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