E&D Waiver

To provide services that would allow 

elderly and/or disabled individuals to 

live in the community who would 

otherwise require nursing facility 

level of care

What is the target 


Individuals meeting the Nursing 

Facility Level of Care.

What groups can be eligible for this waiver? 

  •  Individuals receiving SSI 
  •  Individuals receiving State Supplementation 
  •  SSI related protected groups deemed to be eligible for SSI / Medicaid 
  •  Special HCBS waiver disabled individuals whose income is not greater than 300% of the SSI Federal Benefit Rate 
  •  Federal or State Adoption Subsidy Individuals

 Who provides Case Management? 

Alabama Department of Senior Services

 Where to go to receive information on how to apply

? Alabama Department of Senior Services www.adss.alabama.gov.


6.1_LTC_HCBS_Waivers_Matrix_2-4-21.pdf (alabama.gov)