Disability as an Ability Toward Success: Moms on the Move DATSMOM

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Disability as an Ability Toward Success: Moms on the Move, also known as D.A.T.S.M.O.M., is a 501(c)(3) organization for families of children on the Autism Spectrum. Our mission is simple: inspiring, motivating and challenging families of children on the Autism Spectrum or with related developmental disabilities. The goal is to provide a platform to help parents shift their children’s disability into an ability by equipping you with the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to become effective advocates. With a focus on training, culturally relevant support, breaking down educational and access barriers, this organization is here to help parents where they are.

D.A.T.S.M.O.M. Services:

  • Advocacy and Leadership Training
  • Transitional Services from Early Intervention to Public Schools
  • Extensive IEP Preparation Research & Training
  • First-Time Autism Diagnosis “As a Parent, Where do I go from here?”
  • Exclusive Journey Binder Kits
  • Connecting Parents to Resources/Service Referrals
  • Family Enrichment Activities
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Personal Development
  • Spectrum Sky Airport Training
  • Law Enforcement Autism Safety Training
  • First Responders Autism Safety Training
  • Hundreds of Educational Topics & Sessions
  • Spectrum Safety ID Program